words of wisdom in IT

Today I was asked, what should one do to be successful in IT industry… I told them the only thing I believe:

You have to love a person to be good with them, but with software its the opposite, you have to hate the Software with all your guts to be really good with them… thats the only way to master what you are working on!

Well, if you are still wondering that, let me save you some bucks and let you know the secret not worth paying money for… it is meeeeeeee, yes, after watching this movie (till the end!), half of the blood that was in my body prior to the start of the movie was utilized to cool my brain and was evaporated in the process and after watching the movie and scoring 6/10 on “are you sane” quiz, I am feeling on the top of the world, sort of what a prince might feel…

so, having lost half of my blood and feeling like a prince, it is hence proved that I AM THE HALF BLOOD PRINCE…

seriously, this is the most mindless movie I have seen, to be frank, I am not a follower of Harry Potter franchise, I never caught that bug, but I went to watch this movie purely out of boredom on a saturday evening and I had very little expectations from it… but as you can see from my vented frustration above, I am disappointed.  Whew, got to go now, I need to rest to replenish the blood 😦

Sports are often linked to life, many lessons for life can be learnt from it… case in point being the almost fairy tale rise of Brawn GP team.

In 2008, Toyota team gave up trying to better their 2008 car and started investing time and money on developing 2009 car… it seems to have paid off… look at the performance of that car!

The new rules and regulations have been incorporated mostly by the erst while toyota team, we should learn about how sacrificing some of our short term ambitions can lead to fruitful results in the future!!!

Way to go Brawn… I am rooting for you guys all the way… (also for McLaren though, but don’t worry, I will be booing Ferrari all the way too 😉 )

Disclaimer/Notes : As usual here is a list of things I want to clear out first.

Long post, but my blog, my rant… so live with it… (oh, the comments sections is all yours buddy!)

Terrorists are sometimes referred to as TITS, no offense to feminists, but this is a habbit I cultivated while playing Counter Strike… calling them tits saved many of my fellow players lives cause it is quicker to say “Lemon, tits 4′ o clock”, more over, I played mostly with dudes (and some dudes pretending to be gals), so, calling terrorists tits was guaranteed to get their attention towards what I am saying.

How come terrorists (whom I do not know nor have I ever seen in person) have an influence over my life? How has my life changed due to these tits? Here is the story in retrospection…

how I changed as a person :

I remember about 7-8 months ago, an elderly person came up to me and asked me directions to an address to a company’s particular office, the name sounded fairly familiar as it turned out to be the place where I work !!! I also found it hilarious, because I was asked this question at the last place I expected, my office’s smoking zone!!! right near the rear entrance of the building !!! How did he get past the security checks? How come guards who always ask me to display my ID tag completly even when it is ever so slightly hidden (accidentally ofcourse!) not notice this guy wearing no tags? How did I react? I laughed, pointed him to the reception desk and kept walking back to work, shared a few laughs with my colleagues and that was the end of that!

what would I do now if there is a deja-vu? I would escort him to the security kiosk, give the guards there a tongue lashing, report it to appropriate authorities and follow it up.

my sense of humor:

The way I approach problems in life which I should generally not bother about do not concern me (directly) [writer’s block, do not know the exact phrase to use to put my feelings in words, but hope you get the point] is to see the funny side of it… honestly, how else can I keep living? I have enough of problems to deal in my day to day life, what good will it do to me if I worry about same sex marriages, abortion laws, US Presidential elections, terrorism??? But unfortunately, terrorism takes that away from me as well, I have no clue as to what can I find funny in a dude dressed in dynamite sticks, fingers on the trigger or the looks of people in the aftermath…

All I can say is any terrorism related news just dulls my day.

my career:

Now we have recession looming large, life is difficult any how and the frigging terrorists are not helping!!!

my visits to the mall:

I am by nature a very very forgetful guy when it comes to shopping and more than that, I am extremely lazy. so, when I go to the mall, before going in and coming out, I have to concentrate really hard on stuff like did I get all the stuff that I need, do I have everything I need on me, do I have to go to the ATM? cause really, the security check lines at the malls really make the decision for me whether I should go in or not…

Apart from that I also am very particular about being on time at some place, so, if I have to meet someone at the mall, I have to start 30 mins early atleast… I hate that!!! I hate waiting!!!

whew… now that was a good rant…

General Observation #2

The two words guranteed to get a programmer pissed off… or for that matter anyone who uses a computer pissed off are : “Access Denied“…

Most of the major issues… we go like… oops… did I manage to scr*w that or what… but we never lose our temper… its just when we are trying to play around with the registry or maybe even the environment variables… and that annoying thing comes up… Access Denied… you do not have privileges to do this… go beg to your system administrator…

Who put them in charge???

General Observation #1

Ever noticed that the power up icon on your computer looks like a toddler showing you the middle finger !!!

Why of all the symbols possible did they choose it??? its like login power this sh*t up and you will f*ck up your civilized life!!!

General observation Series

Sometimes, I notice somethings which look hilarious to me… and make me question, why or all things available did the dude/dudette choose this???

So, let me try and list them up…